So that's not the most pressing news you'll hear today. But, apparently, it is news when a 92 year old woman goes to the polls (technically she didn't vote; she just got her voter id card).

We've been talking about this story for over a week now and it's been picked up by Fox News:


Here are some things the story didn't mention:

All Mrs. Barber had to do was get a new birth certificate by filling out a form from the state of Tennessee and paying $15.

Yes, she was not allowed to renew her drivers license that expired four years ago. But voter ID in Texas has been the law now for almost a year. Why did she think her expired license would be accepted?

Barber says she doesn't even plan to vote in the primary. So what's the urgency here with this story?

And, as the story does mention, Mrs. Barber could have voted by mail without all this hassle but she wanted to be able to go to the polls. That's been a provision in Texas since before voter ID was enacted.

The point here is not that Mrs. Barber didn't endure some inconveniences and not that I don't have some sympathy for her age and situation. I've helped old relatives do many things that would have been more difficult had someone not been around to help them.

But voter ID is not the evil, disenfranchising tool it's labeled as. And for the record, I never thought it was a pressing issue that we should have spent so much time and energy on to get passed.

But her "struggle" is not nearly the predicament it's being made out to be by out to be by Fox, the liberal Media Matters for America, The New York Daily News and even the Waco Trib.

And here's a question that would have been worth asking: Did Mrs. Barber vote in the last round of state legislative races? If not, then by her own logic, she doesn't have a right to complain about voter ID being passed. I hope she voted.