Midway ISD started handing out ipads to all of its students this week. This was the part of the controversial bond from last year that included the indoor practice facility and the technology initiative which would give every Midway ISD student an ipad.

I'm not against using ipads or technology. But I don't think Midway adequately made its case they were absolutely necessary and worth the money. I also don't think they did a very good job of mitigating some of the concerns parents had: who's responsible if kids break them, will they really save money over conventional text books, will kids be able to use them to screw around...

But one Midway school, Speegleville Elementary, already had ipads. And now the district is touting their succes:

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Ok, great. If they work as a tool in the classroom I"m all for them. But take a look at the test scores for other elementary schools in Midway (picture reformatted from Ch 25 story):

True, Speegleville's test scores went up, but so did the test scores from some other schools that didn't have ipads. In some cases not as much, and in some cases more. But Midway ISD needs to be careful if they're trying to use one year's test scores as proof that ipads are as great as they claim. Will there be TV news cameras around if some of these test scores fall after ipads are introduced?