And now the Lt. Governor's race gets good. 

Jerry Patterson hired a private investigator to find illegal immigrants who used to work for Dan Patrick who's spent much of the campaign railing against illegal immigration. 


So here are the questions:

Patrick says this guy was hired using accepted business practices of the time. What does that mean? It was okay to hire illegals then but not now? In fact, the Dallas Morning News says it wasn't really illegal to do so before Reagan signed immigration reform. 

But the guy admits he used a fake social security number. Can you hold an employer responsible when the applicant lies?

But then he also says Patrick knew he was illegal and even wrote a letter on his behalf when he went through the citizenship process. So now we're back to the first question. But he can't produce the letter. 

And at least Patterson admits it's a hit piece! But one of your opponents runs five sports bars in Houston and your private investigator can only fine ONE illegal immigrant who claims to have worked for him. Thirty years ago! Only one! In Houston?! That's all he could dig up? Maybe this isn't much of a story, after all.

Finally, the larger issue of immigration. You and I both know people who have hired, currently employ or have used illegal immigrants (or suspect they are illegal but never ask). Whether it's direct knowledge or just a suspicion that all the hispanics throwing up houses in your neighborhood or putting your new roof on can't all be here legally, we know it happens.

The real question is what to do about it. But that's a long, complicated answer that doesn't fit well on bumper stickers or in nice, neat sound bites.