My wife asked me about this the other day. Her question was something like, "have you seen that ad with some guy partying with his shirt off!?"

Take a look at this David Dewhurst attack ad featuring shirtless pictures of Dan Patrick. Yep, shirtless pics.



Now, just what the hell was Dan Patrick doing without a shirt!? Must have been an outstanding party! And look at all the other unflattering pics of Patrick.

Here's the background from Dan Patrick's facebook page:

The photo was taken at a Christmas fundraising party for our children with multiple disabilities and our deaf children at Be An Angel in December 2010. I was auctioning off the shirt off my back, literally, as part of the live auction. It sold for $1500 and it hangs proudly in the office of the couple who purchased it. They are long time supporters of mine and Be An Angel.

My opponent knows where the picture came from and what it was about because they used one of the 5 photos from my Facebook post on December 12, 2010.

Ha! I've seen a lot of slimy ads in my day. But using a charity picture where the guy was literally auctioning the shirt off his back is pretty low. I wonder if there's anything to the Dewhurst side of the story. Haven't seen it so far.