1. The prank caller is a grade A a-hole.

2. How could any news anchor be so oblivious to what her guest is saying? She actually continued with a follow up question after the phrase "Howard Stern's ass" was broadcast during her show.

3. MSNBC doesn't have a delay? Would dumping your "exclusive" guest have been worse than letting the prank call go out over the air?

4. Which producer got fired for booking that guy without doing anything that resembles vetting?

5. Another example of why not to watch breaking news on the 24 hour news networks. We long ago passed the "anything to be first" era where you could at least in some roundabout way understand a network's haste and lack of fact-checking to get a story on the air. Now we're in this bizarre world of social media urgency and cable news competition where many people on the air or the ones behind the scenes producing the news aren't even close to being true journalists or broadcasters.

Here you go. And the conversation between Bill O'Reilly and Bernard Goldberg is worth watching, too, especially for those of us in the business.