Today is the deadline (we think) to enroll for Obamacare. Just for kicks and giggles I went to the site this morning and here's what I got.

Good luck making that open enrollment deadline.

Oh, and then I ran across this from the AP: "Sebelius said sign-ups in Texas are on the upswing but didn't offer more recent enrollment data. She also said is up to the task of handling a last-minute surge of visitors before the deadline."

Just three days before the final day of open enrollment, the day the website is down for "maintenance," the head of HHS said they'll be able to handle the surge of visitors!

How's that working out for you?

UPDATE: According to former Obamacare adviser, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the website was working just fine the morning of the deadline. Until he was told it wasn't.

Go to 1:35 to hear him tout how well the website is working. Then stick around until the 2:15 mark when he's informed the website is down.