The Hearne City Council has fired the police officer who fatally shot a 93 year old woman.

Has an investigation determined the officer acted inappropriately? Not yet, but whatever.

This is the second person this particular officer has shot and killed in his three years on the force in the small town. So there is that one pretty huge red flag. But that's what investigations are for. If he acted inappropriately, fire him and possibly charge him.

But you see, the officer is white and the woman was black. So that changes the equation. Never mind the woman's own nephew told a reporter she fired her own gun twice into the ground. She was upset that he was trying to take her keys away after failing her driving test.

Basically, the city council decided to be a bunch of lazy, scared, defensive, politically correct bums. And all this to avoid being called racist. So, in their haste to rebuff the "r" label before it was ever applied (although it was certainly insinuated), they react before the facts have been presented. They acted before any actual evidence of wrongdoing has been presented.

They didn't want to be Quanell X'ed or Al Sharpton'ed.

Guilty until proven innocent. And even if the officer is eventually cleared, he's already been fired:

City Attorney Bryan Russ Jr. said, "It's really not one factor. Its a totality of the circumstances that we looked at. Other than that we're not going to comment on any of the investigation or what the Texas Rangers do. We feel like we needed to make a decision today before the rangers made a decision."

Hearneor Ruben Gomez said they were concerned because this wasn't stem's first officer involved shooting death. "He was cleared by the grand jury on the first incident and we felt, by the recommendation by our attorney. We were not going to wait for that process this time. Again because this is the second incident," said Gomez.

I'm not sure what proper police training dictates you do in that situation. How many times do you let a confused/angry/frustrated 93-year old woman shoot her gun around you before you take action.

Officer Stephen Stem's attorney released this statement according to CNN:

"The knee-jerk reaction to terminate Mr. Stem was not about whether Ms. Golden chose to create and perpetuate a life-threatening situation. That is a clear and indisputable fact.

"Rather, the city's decision was about appeasing certain members of the community who want to make this case about Ms. Golden's age, the fact she is African-American, or the fact she is a woman.

"None of those factors played a role in Stem's decision to use deadly force,"

But no matter. The officer has been fired and if nothing else two wrongs have apparently made a right.