Here's the headline from KCEN: Teen Pours Alcohol on His Chest, Then Lights It After 'Fire Challenge."

Just in case you're unclear as to why this is your stupid story of the day, let me explain.

1. Somebody did this.

2. Apparently more than one person did this because they saw other people doing it and thought, "hey, it was on the internet, so why not?"

3. This is worthy of a news story because it's now a "thing" that kids are doing. The linked story has no hard numbers of any actual trend. But because there's video and it's on the internet, it's a "thing."

I did stupid stuff as a kid and teenager. I never lit myself on fire, but I did some stupid stuff. If the internet was around back then everything we did would have been the latest "thing" parents needed to worry about. But, again, I was never dumb enough to set myself on fire for fun.

Here's the story if you're interested. - KCEN HD - Waco, Temple, and Killeen