The city of Waco is looking at changes that if adopted would go a long way toward banning strip clubs in the city.

Among the proposed changes: no more VIP rooms, no more complete nudity (pasties and g-strings), strippers must be 6 feet away from customers and no physical contact. Oh, and strippers must have a license.

Basically, no fun.

Here's the thing: if the city wants to ban strip clubs, fine. But at least have the stones and transparency to say as much. Don't hide behind this BS "trying to prevent those opportunities that may encourage some criminal behavior" nonsense.

Just admit you got your moral panties in a bunch (to the point they now look like a stripper's g-string) and be honest.

And what are you supposed to do from six feet away from the strippers? Have you ever tried to throw a dollar bill that far!?

I wish I could take credit for this one: who's going to inspect the strippers to approve their license?  How many people do you think would line up for that job?


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