In the first part of the clip Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban says that society's increased tolerance of different people and lifestyle we've also seen an increased intolerance of people with differing (unpopular) views.

And that's why it's no surprise - almost on cue the internet tried to prove his point - that the internet blew up with manufactured outrage when Cuban said he'd cross the street to avoid someone who looks threatening, be it a black guy in a hoodie or a white guy with a shaved head and tattoos all over his face.

So now the internet and media are "outrage" about Cuban's comments because, they say, the hoodie remark was too unfair to Trayvon Martin and his family. In fact, the CNN anchor at the end of the piece below says we need to remember Trayvon was killed for just walking home.

The most illustrative part of Cuban's comments have nothing to do with Mark Cuban and everything to do with how we reacted to them: fake outrage. "Look at me, I'm speaking out against Mark Cuban's comments on race so you know how tolerant I am and how I'm not a racist."


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