This week I spoke with Kyle and Jennifer Massey. They're the Waco parents who refused to let their son participate in the state STAAR test.

STAAR, like it's just as useless predecessor the TAKS test, is a waste of time, resources and is detrimental to education overall. More on that in a minute.

First, here's my interview with the Masseys.


Now, about that test.

According to the Dallas Morning News, more than 90 percent of kids who fail the 5th and 8th grade test - the years you're supposed to have to pass to get promoted to the next grade - were promoted to the next grade anyway. So, what the hell is the point?

So what about kids who don't take the test at all? More than 90% of those students are promoted anyway, too! Again, what's the point?

And those numbers just point to the administration of the test. We haven't even scratched the surface of how much teachers dislike "preparing" students to take it and how detrimental it is to students.

Here is Kyle Masseys website if you want to keep up with their story. It's an important one for all parents. Maybe the spark to end this ridiculous testing bureaucracy will be the one from right here in Waco.