McGregor Challenges 'Hollywood Actress' Mark Wahlberg To Fight

Conor McGregor retired from fighting last week, but that was professional fighting.

Because over the weekend, the former UFC champion challenged someone to a fight in the most unprofessional manner.

And that would be actor Mark Wahlberg, or, as McGregor refereed to him—Hollywood "actress” Mark Wahlberg.

On Saturday night, McGregor took to Twitter to call out Wahlberg—referring to him as an “actress” and said a bout between the two would be “a fight for all the shares!”

Apparently the impetus for the high school worded challenge goes back to the fact that Wahlberg was among a group of celebrities who purchased a stake in the UFC when the company was sold in 2016. When McGregor said in his post-fight press conference after UFC 205 that he wants a share of the company, Wahlberg later if McGregor is willing to“cut the check.”

Obviously, this “fight” is never going to happen—but good to see McGregor still has a little fight left in him.

And by little I mean the small man that he can be.

Source:Larry Brown Sports



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