There's a $900 Burger In Japan – Is It Worth It?


How much would you be willing to pay for the most amazing burger? There’s a place in Japan that’s banking on you being willing to shell out $900. It’s the creation of Chef Patrick Shimada at the Grand Hyatt Toyko’s Oak Door Steakhouse. The “Golden Giant” was made to commemorate the “ushering in of the new Reiwa imperial era under Emperor Naruhito,” who will take over his father’s throne on May 1st.

The “Golden Giant” weighs-in at 6.6-pounds and features slices of Wagyu beef, foie gras, shaved black truffles, and a beef patty, with all the fixins you’d expect on a burger between two buns that are “gold-dusted.” In addition to the sandwich, you also get a magnum of champagne, red or white wine and “triple-cooked giant fried potatoes.”

If you want to take a cheaper route, you could also gorge on the “Golden R Burger.” It’s smaller and prepared similarly for the bargain price of only $180.

But, is it worth it?“Forbes” writer George Koutsakis says it's "a resounding yes."What about the price tag? He points out that it’s enough to feed about 8, which works out to about $112.50 per person.” He adds that while the smaller version – the Golden R –is a little pricier, it scores, too. “For the quality and experience,” he explains. " it’s well worth the price.”

If you end up making the trip for this feast, make sure you make a reservation three days in advance. The “Golden Giant” is a limited menu item and will be disappearing in June – so make your travel plans now.



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