NFL Approves Replay Of Pass Interference For 2019 Season Only

It’s official. The NFL approved five-hour games yesterday.

Well they didn’t phrase it that way.

What they said was that they were officially making pass interference calls and no-calls reviewable.

The new rule will allow the replay official to stop the game during the final two minutes of each half and overtime when it is determined that there is“clear and obvious visual evidence”that a pass interference foul may or may not have occurred.

And the bigger the ramifications of changing the call, the longer they will review each—adding more times to games without adding any action.

There has already been talk that the Competition Committee fears someunintended consequencesthat the replay expansion is going to create, so it makes sense that it will only go into effect for one season. If it turns out to be a disaster, the NFL can easily scrap it a year from now.

The good news for NFL fans that still realize how insane this is, is the fact that it is only approved for one year as the 2019 season will essentially be a trial run for the new changes.

Source:Larry Brown Sports



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