Australian Man Survives Crocodile Attack By Biting Back

Close-Up Of Crocodile On Shore

Photo: Stephanie Von Rüden / EyeEm / EyeEm / Getty Images

Colin Deveraux is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a crocodile while working along the Finniss River in Australia. Deveraux was putting up fencing in the area when he stopped to go fishing in a shallow pond.

As he approached the pond, he was attacked by a 10-foot crocodile.

"The water had receded, and it was down to this dirty water in the middle. I took two steps, and the dirty bastard [the crocodile] latched onto my right foot," Deveraux told the ABC. "It was a big grab, and he shook me like a rag doll and took off back into the water, pulling me in."

As he struggled under the water, Deveraux came face to face with the massive reptile.

"I was in such an awkward position," Deveraux explained, "but by accident, my teeth caught his eyelid. It was pretty thick, like holding onto leather, but I jerked back on his eyelid, and he let go."

Deveraux hobbled out of the water and sprinted as fast as he could to his car. The alligator chased him for about 15 feet before retreating back to the water.

He used a towel and rope to stop the bleeding on his leg while his brother drove him 80 miles to the nearest hospital, where he has spent the last month recovering.

Doctors are hopeful that he will be able to walk out of the hospital in the coming days.

Deveraux said he plans to be more cautious when he's out in the wilderness.

"I'm a changed man. I'm gonna change what I do," he said.

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