Watch: Ghost Child Filmed by Home Security System?

A curious piece of footage captured by a home security system in a Long Island residence features a strange anomaly that some viewers believe is the apparition of a child. The eerie scene was filmed in the home of a man named Joey Nolan at around 1 AM on August 8th. In the video, a fairly distinct 'form' that resembles a child can be seen seemingly entering the room and sitting down on the floor.

Puzzled by the weird 'visitor' spotted by his security system, Nolan posted the video to YouTube and wrote that some people who had seen the footage theorized that the anomaly was "a little boy and their pet." That said, he conceded that "we don't know for sure." When later when on to say that no one in the family had recently died and that "we've been digging into the house's history to see if there's any significance with the date of the occurrence."

Check out the spooky video and see if you can decipher what Nolan's security system filmed at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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