Will the ChiComs Ever Be Held Accountable?

RUSH: Alan, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Hi, sir, get to it quickly. Limited time.

CALLER: Hi, Rush, mega prayers. My question to you is, I wonder if you think China is gonna be held accountable.

RUSH: You know, I would... (sigh) Yeah. (chuckles) I've got so many thoughts on China, and if I were to tell you what they are, I would be the sole subject of media reporting for the rest of this week.

CALLER: Understandable. M'okay.

RUSH: Will the Chinese ever be held accountable for this? By whom do you mean?

CALLER: Our government. I mean, they write us a check or something or --

RUSH: Ha! Pffft!

CALLER: I mean, yeah, I don't believe it's gonna happen.

RUSH: The ChiComs write us a...? ChiComs? Get in line. Italy would want the first check --


RUSH: -- then we'd want the second. Uhhhh, I have to take a break.


RUSH: I'm gonna give you a little hint here. I would... I'm not predicting this, okay? But I'm gonna tell you: I will not be surprised if at some point down the road the Chinese are not seen as great humanitarians by certain elements of the American elite political class. Not a prediction. Not a prediction. But I'm just telling you: I wouldn't be surprised if down the road the ChiComs are not seen as very helpful and great, great, great humanitarians. We'll see.

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