How Often Are Workers Are High On The Job?

  • As weed’s becoming more socially acceptable in the U.S., the number of employees high on the job is increasing, too.
  • Remedy Reviewsurveyed 1,000 workers to see how many are toking up before they go to their job.
  • Of those who responded, 16% said they’ve been high at work, and 26.7% of those said their high at work daily.
  • Source:Remedy Review

We now live in an age where pot smoking’s almost totally accepted throughout the United States. So much, thatRemedy Reviewdecided to talk with 1,000 “employed people” and their weed habits. What they found were offices filled with red eyes and gummies. There’s more of it in your office than you realized.

  • Of those surveyed, 16% said they’ve been high on marijuana at work at some point.
  • Of those 16%, there were 26.7% who said they were high at work on a daily basis.

As for why they’re toking up on the job:

  • Increase productivity – 38%(really?!)
  • Pass the time – 36%(makes perfect sense)
  • To cope with the job – 29%(get that, too)
  • To cope with coworkers – 22%(HELL, yes.)
  • The job needs “little focus” – 21%

Interestingly enough, 60% said their productivity wasn’t affected by being stoned, and 23% said pot made themmoreproductive(not sure we buy that, but okaaaay). Then, there are the jobs held by them. Here are the gigs most-held by the pot fans:

  • Hotel/Food/Hospitality – 35%
  • Construction – 32%
  • Arts/Entertainment/Recreation – 25%
  • Telecommunications – 24%
  • Marketing/Advertising – 19%
  • Legal – 19%

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