Uber To Start Banning Passengers With Poor Ratings

Until now, the only penalty a lousy Uber passenger would suffer from a poor rating was a blow to their egoif they found out about it. Even the smelliest, scummiest, most-offensive of the bunch wouldn’t suffer as much as a temporary ban or de-activation. That’s all changed.

Riders who have ratings “significantly below” the average of their city are at risk of being banned from the service.Kate Parker’sthe Head of Safety Brand and Initiatives for Uber, and she says, “Respect is a two-way street.” Since the beginning, Uber drivers have been required to hold a “minimum rating” to keep driving in a given city. Now, riders will be held to the same standard.

This is all part of Uber’s “refreshed community guidelines,” where riders will be offered tips on proper behavior and keeping a “clean car.” While the company says “few riders will be affected,” the ones who yell, scream, curse, expose themselves, spew racist crap, wet themselves, or cause any form of safety risk to the driver, vehicle, or other passengers should be on notice.

Of course, we have a feeling they know who they are, and hopefully Lyft will follow suit so their only alternative would be getting their crap together…or walking.

Source:Tech Crunch

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