Whiskey Doesn't Age In The Bottle – So Drink It Don't Save It

There’s a misconception going on out there about whiskey, and the aging process after you’ve bought a good bottle. It starts with those who think that all booze is the same, and since wine can get better as it’s cellared, so it must be true with whiskey, right? Wrong!

Expert Connor Toole says you’re better off drinking and enjoying it right off the bat then letting it sit. Why? Once the whiskey leaves the barrel the aging process stops. So, if you’re one who buys a bottle and rests it thinking it’ll get better with age, then you’re wasting time, taste, and more importantly, money.

That’s especially true after you’ve cracked the seal. Once oxygen starts getting into it the flavor starts to decline. That also will happen if the bottle’s exposed to too much light while it sits on a shelf, even before you open it. Yes, there are ways to “micro age” it by buying your own oak slats and jacking around with them. However, if you’re just the casual whiskey fan, do yourself a favor and open the sucker up and enjoy it. It’s not going to get any better than right now and you don’t need a reason.




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