New Poll Reveals America's Favorite “Batman”

Now that we know Robert Pattinson’sgoing to suit-up as the new “Batman,” now’s the perfect time to look back a Caped Crusaders-past.Hollywood Reporterpolled over 2,200 Bat-fans and asked about who their favorite was. It was close, butChristian Baletook the top spot.

  • Christian Bale –39%
  • Michael Keaton –38%
  • George Clooney –19%
  • Ben Affleck –18%
  • Val Kilmer –17%

What? No love for the late, great Adam West?

The survey also looked at other characters, too.Halle Berry eked out Michelle Pfeiffer for best “Catwoman.” For “The Joker,”Heath Ledger ran away with it over Jack Nicholson and Jered Leto…with no way to gauge Joaquin Phoenix to this point.

Source:Hollywood Reporter



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