Lawsuit Filed Over Universal Fire


A report claimed thousands of legendary master recordings were lost in a 2008 fire at Universal Hollywood Studios, and now some of the musicians affected by the fire are suing.

A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Soundgarden, Tupac Shakur's estate,Tom Petty’sex wife Jane,Hole and Steve Earle, accusing Universal of not doing enough to prevent the fire, as well concealing the damage it caused from artists.

The suit also claims that while the artists were clueless of the damage, Universal took in money from insurance claims and lawsuit settlements to the tune o $150 million. The artists want damages equal to half that amount, plus half of any other losses.

“Our lawsuit on behalf of all affected artists describes a devastating loss of precious master recordings, concealed from the artists for more than a decade,”Howard King,one of the lawyers for the artists tells “Rolling Stone.” “We seek an accounting of every lost master, including outtakes and previously-unreleased material, as well as a fair share of the tens of millions of dollars received by Universal as compensation for the loss.”

Source:Rolling Stone


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