U.S. Army Releases Report In Vanessa Guillen Case

The U.S. Army is confirming a murdered Texas soldier soldier was sexually harassed and her superiors did nothing about it. The military released details of an investigation today saying Specialist Vanessa Guillen informally reported the harassment by a superior at Fort Hood but no action was taken.

The probe also found leaders failed to conduct adequate training or emphasis on sexual assault and harassment prevention protocols. The Army also says Guillen was not sexually assaulted. The investigation found Guillen's suspected murderer, Specialist Aaron Robinson, was accused of sexually harassing someone else at Fort Hood. It's believed Robinson killed Guillen last April, then hid her body in a nearby river. He took his own life when Killeen police attempted to arrest him months later.

The Army says poor communication by Fort Hood investigators allowed Robinson to flee a conference room where he was under guard shortly before he committed suicide.

Photo: Getty Images