House Members To Head Home Despite No Deal On Debt Ceiling

Capitol United State.

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With one week to go until the United States faces a historic default, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise announced that Congress would recess following Thursday's votes even though a deal to raise the debt ceiling has not been reached.

Negotiators from both parties will remain in Washington, D.C., and continue working to hammer out a deal that can pass the Democratic-controlled Senate.

If a deal is reached over the weekend, members of Congress will be given 24 hours' notice so they can return to the Capitol for the vote.

"Following [Thursday's] votes, if some new agreement is reached between President Biden and Speaker McCarthy, members will receive 24 hours' notice in the event we need to return to Washington for any additional votes, either over the weekend or next week," he said.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that while the talks are slow, they are making progress, and he expects to reach an agreement before June 1.

"I don't know if we'll have a deal today," McCarthy said during an appearance on Fox News. "We did make progress yesterday, but we still have a number of items that need to get through."

"I'm going to hold every day possible to get this done. We will get this done at the end of the day," he added. "But we're going to get an agreement that's worthy of the American public, and the one thing I will tell people is, this deal won't solve all the problems."

In exchange for raising the debt ceiling, Republicans are trying to extract concessions from Democrats, including spending cuts that would reduce baseline spending in 2024 below 2023 levels, energy and mining permitting reform, new work requirements for Medicaid, and updates to work requirements for food stamps.

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