Mystery Creature Sparks Panic in India

Residents of several villages in India are on edge following a series of strange incidents that are being blamed on a mystery creature. The weirdness has reportedly been unfolding in approximately five neighboring communities in the district of Thrissur. According to the unnerved people living in the region, an unseen beast has been menacing them by appearing on rooftops and in the yards of homes at around 9 PM each evening for the last few days.

Due to the darkness at that time of night, no one has been able to get a good look at the odd interloper, but it has made its presence felt by way of eerily knocking on doors and windows. Those who have encountered the creature claim that it is incredibly fast and can somehow swiftly leap from one house to another. The 'visits' from this mysterious beast has become so frequent that they have sparked something of a panic despite the fact that there have been no attacks nor any thefts attributed to the creature.

More on this bizarre story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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