Wednesday on radio, Glenn shifted his focus from the headlines to listeners and how their lives has changed since 2006. There’s a climate of fear and division in the country, leaving many confused about what to do and where to focus their energy.

Jim from Virginia offered some stellar advise.

“What I’ve decided to do is just focus more on charitable giving and helping those that are struggling. And that’s what I appreciate about your work through Mercury One. Years ago, you know, the church did most of that work, and the government has taken that away from us. But I like that through Mercury One, you’re working with charitable organizations to go in and help people that are in need,” Jim said.

Losing oneself in service usually has a dramatic impact, influencing a person’s outlook by making a difference in other people’s lives.

“How has that changed you, or how has that affected you?” Glenn asked.

“It’s given me a closer walk with Christ, for one, because I feel like I’m doing His work. You know, when you go into these places where people have lost everything and you can give something back to them . . . the looks on their faces and how thankful they are for the work that we’ve done for them. Actually, they don’t realize that it’s kind of selfish on my part because I feel like I’m getting more out of it than they are,” Jim said.

Glenn agreed.

“It is one thing that we seem to always forget, and that’s what service gives back — and it’s gratitude,” he said.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

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