At Home with Gary Sullivan

At Home with Gary Sullivan

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Gary Sullivan 6/3/2023 Hour 4

Gary Sullivan 6/3/2023 Hour 3

Gary talks to you on issues around the home.

Gary Sullivan 6/3/2023 Hour 2

Gary takes your calls/questions.

Gary Sullivan 6/3/2023 Hour 1

Have a project your working on around the home and need Gary's help? Or just have a question about your home?

Energy rates are set to rise! Here are some tips to save on your bill

Gary Sullivan discussing ways to save energy at home, including changing to LED bulbs, using smart home systems, using freezers and refrigerators correctly, reducing browsing time, minimizing the use of hot water, using a programmable thermostat and changing furnace and air filters, unplugging chargers when not in use, and improving insulation and ventilation in attics.

- Check for and replace any remaining incandescent bulbs in lamps and ceiling lights.
- Check and utilize space in freezers and refrigerators.
- Reduce time spent browsing the refrigerator to save on energy costs.
- Run dishwasher only when fully loaded to save on energy costs.
- Control humidity and use programmable thermostat to save on heating and cooling costs.

Gary Sullivan 5/28/2023 Hour 3

Gary wraps up Memorial Day weekend taking your calls.

Gary Sullivan 5/28/2023 Hour 2

Gary talks to the people at Briggs and Stratton and takes your calls/questions.

Whole home generators and more from Briggs & Stratton 5/28/2023

Gary Sullivan 5/28/2023 Hour 1

Gary takes your calls and questions and spreads his wealth of knowledge across America.

Gary Sullivan 5/27/2023 Hour 4

Gary wraps up Saturday taking your calls/questions.